Let’s talk about online drum lessons for a sec shall we? But first want to say, “hey all and thanks for take the time to read all this non-since.”

Online drum lessons with maximum meytal style
Meytal Cohen can throw her sticks at me anytime.

Drumin, rockin the bass, hittin the sticks, beatin the tom tom, raising a high hat. You get the idea. This weeks post is about drums and the fascinating art of beating on something to make noise. If you ever wanted to play something such as the drums or have been playing but not progressing this is my advice; Get lessons. I don’t give a rats you know, where, but the jist is get lessons. It is the only way to play, otherwise, well, you suck at drums. Not as an individual, I am sure you are lovely, however get lessons. Any kind will do. Whether it be by some old guy in a building somewhere or a private drum lesson from some hottie at home, just get drum lessons.

Now the reason this post is entitled Online Drum Lessons is because that is what I did. I got lessons hence why I am better than you. All kidding aside they where damn near perfect online drum lessons. I got Online Drum Lessons from Maximum Meytal. It helps to have a teacher that I presume smells nice, although the only drawback to On-line drum lessons is I couldn’t actually sniff Meytal Cohen. Bummer, I know!

Anyway I pounded away for day and night, and because I was just a beginner I was not setting the drum bars to high. I fell instantly in love with the drums and yeah, the lessons too. Meytal, with her subtle charms and dark hair, as she plays and instructs, ever so glances at you with wanting, playful eyes. Just enough to keep me wanting to impress her with her desire to impress upon me what it means to drum like a pro. She was also self taught, it turns out and then viola! online drum lessons from her were born.

So yeah, I got lessons from her. I am better than you.

Viva Lessons